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27 Reasons Why Kids Are Annoying

Ok, so kids can be cute and squishy.



But let’s be honest 



They’re mostly just infuriating, ravenous monsters.



1. They get stuck in everything.



2. They’re clingy.



3. They do this.



4. They’re lazy.



5. They smell weird.



6. They’re bad at everything.



7. They can’t take care of themselves. 



8. They give up easily.



9. They actually get stuck in everything. 



10. They’re scared of friendly animals. 



11. They’re exceedingly dumb. 



12.  They’re terrible laborers.



  13. They cry. Constantly. 



14. They’re functionally useless.




15. They’re selfish. 



16.  They rarely, if ever, get food in their mouths. 



17. They break almost everything. 



18. They don’t care about other humans. 



19. They're stupid.




20. They do this.



21. They're stupid. 



22. They’re mean




23. They literally have no idea what’s going on ever.24. They make a mess.


25. They’re helpless.



26.  And stupid.



27. And the worst.